Dealer & Designer Article by Todd Lawson for Strategy Mob

ARTICLE: Dealer & Designer

Originally written and published in Strategy Mob Magazine, October 2015 – Issue 01 and also featured on their website.

Your focus is on moving metal. A good relationship with your creative team will help you sell more.

You have a great dealership. Good deals, too. But something is stopping people from coming through your doors.  I’m not talking about a dirty showroom or a bad customer experience; I’m talking about bad marketing creative.

Good creative gets noticed

Think about it on a grand scale. The leading juried creative awards show in the world, the Cannes Lions has a category dedicated to effectiveness in creative marketing. Judging is based on how well a marketing idea or initiative improves a client’s business over three years. Just to enter, a marketing campaign must include very detailed submissions with real data on results—proof that marketing and creative ideas can generate a real return. This year, Volvo won top honors, for the second year in a row, for its series of digital videos detailing the features in its vehicles (such as the now-famous YouTube video of Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits). Why did Volvo win? By demonstrating on a sustained basis to have real quantitative and qualitative results. Simply put, Volvo’s creative sold a lot of vehicles globally.

Why should you care? Better creative will sell more cars. And dealerships can do small things with their creative team to do the same—without Jean-Claude.

Working with dealers, OEMs and associations for so many years, I know that the priority tends to be too focused on moving metal. Dealers spend little to no time finding their unique voice as a brand, which can be a fatal misstep in a time when more people are looking to online presence and advertising before they even consider if you’re the right place for them to visit…(read more on Strategy mob)

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