Product Design & User Research Leadership

From when we used to design and code in HTML and Flash to modern masterpieces of UI & UX intelligence, I cut my teeth in digital and have continued to live in it since 2001. I still actively design while also leading UX & UI design teams. I have brought multiple platforms, innovations, apps, and digital marketing campaigns to market.

  • Helped bring 6 AutoTech SaaS products to market overseeing design (UX/UI), branding & marketing plans
  • Art Directed and Designed over 100 digital experiences from websites & Apps to SaaS products.
  • Created a social app that saved 6 children’s lives

My UX Process:

  1. Listen: interviews, conversations & research
  2. Understand: learn the user profiles or create profiles and user stories
  3. Map: Journey mapping (consumer CX flows, data flows, action flows, flows, KPIs & metrics)
  4. Detail: List known, discovered and assumed (unvalidated) issues
  5. Think: Concept & present general strategies and ideas
  6. Document: Build living requirement documents and information hubs (BRD/Wikis/presentations)
  7. Architecture: Build maps (Site maps, IA flows, page flows)
  8. Structure: Create wireframes (Paper & low-fidelity digital)
  9. UX: Create linear click-through prototypes
  10. Validation: Audit, user testing & rework solutions
  11. Design: Create or direct high-fidelity UI design
  12. Hands-off: Create or direct asset package & update documentation for dev
  13. Oversee & QA with Dev to launch


  • Leadership: Team & department (12+ years)
  • Client-facing: 20+ years of experience presenting creative ideas, UX, and technology to clients as well as public speaking
  • Process: Creation & documentation
  • Analysis: Documentation & BRDs
  • UX Research: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Research Design Methods, Proposal Creation, Report Creation, Interviews, Survey Creation, and Persona Creation
  • UX Planning: User Flow mapping (IA), Consumer Journey, and Wireframing (digital & pen/paper)
  • Design: Low and High Fidelity UI Design and Prototyping
  • Data Mapping: Documenting and building requirements for data integrations. Including data flow architecture mapping.

My UX UI Tools:

  • Design: Pen&Paper, Figma, Sketch, Adobe CC
  • Project Management: Wrike, ClickUp, Asana, Jira
  • UX research: UseBerry, In-person/virtual meeting tools
  • Documentation: Confluence, Microsoft Office Suite, Wikis
  • Flows & Diagrams: Miro, Figma,, OmniGraffle, Visio, Xmind
  • Methodologies: Faster To Prototype, 90-minute Boot Camp Thinking Cycle, Agile with scrum boards, Waterfall

Projects & Products (SaaS)

QQuote GTire Booking Platform
(UX/UI Design & Prototyping)
MCIM Platform
(Research, Product Design, UX/UI, Design System)
GloveBox CMS Platform
(UX/UI, IA, Documentation, Creative Direction, Template Direction, Marketing)
RMS Marketing Platform
(UI/UX, IA, Documentation, Design, Creative Direction)
Bumper Direct Marketing Platform
(UX/UI, IA, Documentation, Creative Direction, Template Direction, Marketing)
Odometer Tracking Platform
(UX/UI, IA, Creative Direction)

Blu Ivy HR Brand Culture Scoring Platform
(UI/UX, IA, Design, Creative Direction, Client Management)
iWorkyWorky App
(UI/UX, IA, Design, Creative Direction, Client Management)
OnlineKars Auction Platform
(UI/UX, IA, Creative Direction, Client Management)
(UX/UI, IA, Creative Direction)

20+ Years Of UX, UI & IA Projects

I have Planned, UX’d, Designed, Art Directed, and/or Creative Directed over 100 digital experiences in my career so far. View many of them below.

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