CAMPAIGN: Playtex Dance-Off

Agency: Grey Canada

Project Role: Lead Art Direction, Design, UX and wireframe development
Illustrator: Luc Latulippe
Developers: Christopher Lewis, Toby Pilling

For the 2011 calendar year and Playtex continued their drive at youth targeted social media marketing with a series of contests, games and Facebook applications. The Dance Like A Rock Star was their largest program with a huge price for a pampered trip for a lucky winner to the Much Music Video Awards. The contest was a standard form entry and contest promotion banners. However to promote the contest we launched a giant interactive dance off Facebook game.

The Dance Off game featured fully pose-able characters that Facebook users would position over a series of key frames and then play back to see their character dance. The figures featured interchangeable outfits and elements from hats to tops to pants to shoes to hair styles. And every one came with the ability to change colours. The ability to upload a photo directly from users Facebook Profile photo album allowed them to further customize their characters. Once they had a character and a saved dance they could select a Facebook friend who had the game installed and challenge them to a Dance Off – where the the two characters would dance side by side. The winner would automatically post on their Facebook wall that they had one. This created a simple but dynamic sharing aspect through the Facebook community.