APP: Global Mood Clock Project

The project is a data-visualization experiment that currently exists as a website, desktop application (windows/MAC air App) and iphone Mobile Application/Andriod Mobile Application

I worked on it for almost a year on the side as Designer and Art Director with the team at Grey. I also wrote an article for a Grey WPP publication about it.

ADCC – Silver – Media Innovation – Global Mood Clock
IAC – Best Marketing Interactive application – shortlist
M.FWA – Mobile App of the Day (April 15th)

For now here is some of the PR:
Global Mood Clocks works by pulling geo-tagged data for a diverse selection of major cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, as well as Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. The clocks, in addition to telling time, reflect the “mood” of a city by showing the dominant colour from the latest geo-tagged photo uploads to Flickr, as well as the top Google search and Twitter trending word, all in real time.

To Date the project has been featured by some great people including:,,,,,, among others.