CAMPAIGN: Playtex BFF Facebook Game and Fan Page

Agency: Grey Canada
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, design, assorted illustrated elements

How do you target a naturally shy and emotionally complicated customer like 13-17 year old girls with a brand and product that at that age is social poison?

When Playtex Tampons approached Grey Canada asking for a way to do such a thing we took up the challenge and went looking for a way to reach them in their own comfort zone: Facebook. We had 3 things to accomplish. Drive brand awareness, reach new customers and help bring forward the brands current campaign Bring It On – which focuses on confidence and empowerment for young girls.

Using Facebook we created a fun and engaging game show to let girls find out who their Best Friend Forever (BFF) was. Players picked their 3 top friends and answered a series of questions based off of real information pulled in from their friends profiles: who has a birthday in august? Who’s favourite book was…? Who’s a fan of Twighlight?

Under a time limit they had to quickly select which friend was the answer. Each correct answer counted as a point. Each wrong answer counted as a negative. Fun sketchy illustration and animation was used to ad a fun sense of interactivity. At the end of the game they were given a savable image of their profile photo in a heart with their Best Friend.

To house additional content from the brand site a Fan page was also created.