CAMPAIGN: Try Bumper “Tear”

0:15 Second Spot “Tear”

Company: Vicimus
My Project Role: Creative Direction / Director / Hand Model (for real)

Campaign Art Director/Designer: Eric Williamson
Campaign Copy Writer: Stephen Reese Copy Writer: Todd Lawson Art Directors: Eric Williamson, Aaron Lee
Editing: Eric Williamson

Automotive retail lives in a 30 day cycle. Each month they work to hit their targets and push the latest store or manufacturer offers. When the month ends, they do it all over again and missing your target when you are in a large purchase industry means a lot of pressure to make sales and complete repair orders if you want to keep your job.

Working off this insight the team developed the concept that Bumper can help you reach your month end targets quicker, taking off the stress and helping you grow even more sales and it can do it quick and easily. Using the device of a calendar ripping in half we demonstrated how easy and clear this change from pressure to success can be with Bumper. The 15 second spot was supported with various additional marketing assets. All of them working to drive automotive prospects to a new single page online site where they could enter in some basic information, pick their OEM of choice and department and receive a test campaign directly form Bumper. The campaign was then followed up with a lead tracking email allowing them not only the ability to see what their customers will see with Bumper but also how their actions are tracked as they engage.