PRODUCT: OnlineKars – Automotive Auction Platform

Company: Vicimus
My Project Role: Creative Direction, UX Direction, UI Direction, Client/Project Management

UX/UI Designer: Shreya Sadhan
Developer: Khalid Sleiman

OnlineKars is an automotive Auction platform based in the US that allows dealerships to quickly list and auction off vehicles on their lot directly to consumers rather than traditional dealer to dealer offloading. In 2019 Vicimus partnered with OnlineKars to integrate the platform into their own Bumper marketing platform. This relationship also included accessing the Vicimus creative team.

Vicimus provided UX and UI expertise as a creative service. Starting with a series of whiteboard discussion sessions that were translated into sketched wires, to digital wireframes, to click through prototypes and into designed UI. Working Vicimus front end development the OnlineKars development team implemented the coded designs operating as QA in the final days before NADA.

Interface: Desktop

The platform also made use of a character nicknamed Steery who guided users through the bid process, encouraged them to engage and educated them in how it works. This helped users feel more comfortable in the platform.