Oceans More Than A Can Campaign

Agency: Blink
My Project Role: ECD

Creative Director: Ravind Lekh
Copy Writer: Isaias Carrillo
Art Director: Enid Chen

The Ask:
Ocean’s are a leader in sustainability within the canned seafood market with multiple partnerships and certifications. They have build in agreements that ensure they fish sustainably to maintain healthy fish populations, engage and practices to better protect other sea life like pole & line fishing and working only with sustainable fisheries. They wanted their customers to know how important those activities are to their business as well as the global environment.

Ocean’s Seafood brings some of that sustainable bounty to consumers across Canada, delivering a clean, sustainable nutritious source of renewable food.  But sustainability doesn’t happen on its own; it’s something that we create by balancing consumption with governance. And that’s something that Ocean’s Seafood does by being part of the Marine Stewardship Council, or MSC.

The Solution:
We created a new brand platform for 2022 – the first one in years for the brand – called More Than A Can.

With something as nuanced as stewardship––literally how the small actions we make can take care of our planet’s oceans we began by making waves about how much “more” buying a can of Ocean’s MSC-certified tuna does to achieve that goal.

At the heart of “The More Than a Can” campaign is an evergreen idea that shows how the purchase of each and every can shows love for our oceans in so many ways. It shows it by ensuring more healthy stock status, by committing to more sustainable habitats, in reducing by-catch impact, and through more successful fishery management.

The Results:
A campaign with impact that exceeded all projections to become the most successful campaign in the last 3 years for Ocean’s on a modest budget. With over 6 million video views, over 1/3 of those views were watched to completion. With an increase of 30% more impressions compared to the last campaign we saw more than 26.2 million impressions and 45,000 landing page visits. In total driving brand love from the previous year up by 6%.