Odometer Launch Campaign

The Idea

To promote the launch of a new I.T. Software solution that used both Managed Services and a subscription based reporting Dashboard called Odometer we created a series of explainer videos (Long form and feature focused cut downs with voice over) and motion graphic social posts. We also assisted in the UX design of the platform, all branding and marketing material (Sell Sheets, Case Studies).

Software explainer videos for the more technical Software solutions are never easy. There is a lot to say and still a limit to how much we can absorb. That becomes an even bigger challenge when it’s a more technical solution like I.T. call monitoring as our audience break down is more extreme. On one side you have the IT directors who know the technical side and want to understand it all. On the other side you have a GM or Principle who is more interested in the business values and of course the expense.

My Role: Creative Direction
Copy: Ramiz Shaikh
Art Direction: Yan Malka
Motion Design: Rysha Devonish

Long Form Explainer Video

Social Motion Graphic Posts

All Social Post creative was created in both widescreen and square formats.