PUBLISHING: Strategy Mob

Agency: Powered By Dashboard (Vicimus as of 2019)
My Project Role: Creative Direction, contributor

2015 Launch Team:
Chief Creative Officer / Contributor :
 Todd Lawson
Senior Editor: Robin Stevenson
Magazine Design: Rosie Sobczuk, Jasmine Lin
Website Design: Isabelle Santiago
Website Development: Cody Collicott
Advertising Director: Barry Hillier
Social And Events Director: Brent Wees
Printer: Manduck Media

2019 onwards: Strategy Mob was adjusted in 2019 to focus on digital content, podcasts and virtual summits with a new team including a group of industry leaders called MOBsters to  lead and grow it. I continue to direct the overall brand, awareness marketing and design elements with the new team.

2015 Launch: Introducing a new way for Automotive Dealers to be empowered.

Strategy Mob is an affiliate partnership program for leading technology companies involved in automotive across North America. Membership is based on awareness of leading technology in addition to maintaining an honest and straight forward reputation based on integrity and delivering real measurable results for dealerships.

The main aspects of the program include a quarterly high-quality printed magazine sent out to dealerships, dealer groups, industry gurus and OEM executives throughout North America as well as a companion community website Strategy Mob Magazine allows for a wealth of content for readers to help improve their day to day operations as a dealership from some of the brightest minds in automotive.  Automotive dealers and vendors are invited to become part of Strategy Mob’s website community at The site features videos, product reviews and solutions, plus the ability to sign up/join to submit articles on automotive industry topics.

Strategy Mob was launched October 5th, 2015 in Las Vegas as part of the Digital Dealers 19 conference.


The Work:

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