UX/UI Leadership (SaaS, Platforms, Software)

iWorky Worky App

Status: Initial pre-build concept stage

Work Done: pen & paper wires and flow, user flows, grey box wireframes, User Interface design (UI), User Experience (UX), linear click-through prototype, initial branding.

Contact For Project Walk-Through and details.

RMS Marketing Platform (UI/UX & Creative Direction)
OnlineKars Auction Platform (UI/UX, Creative Direction, Client Management)
Bumper Automotive Marketing Platform (UX/UI, Creative Direction, Campaign Library Direction, Marketing)
GloveBox CMS Platform (UX/UI, Creative Direction, Template Direction, Marketing)
Asset Builder Platform (UX/UI, Creative Direction, Campaign Library Template Direction)
Odometer Tracking Platform (UX/UI, Creative Direction)

SaaS Skill Sets

Multiple years actively designing UX/UI and leading design teams. Multiple platforms, apps, softwares launched and brought to market.

  • Product Flow Mapping (IA)
  • Wire Framing
  • (digital & pen/paper)
  • Prototypes
  • (linear click-throughs)
  • Asset Creative Guidelines
  • Library Set & Asset Creation
  • UX Documentation